Disneyland Paris

Not wanting to stay home during Christmas, our family decided to take a quick trip to Disneyland Paris. The three day trip, from December 27 till 29 2013, turned out to be a great way to celebrate the holidays.

The park was decorated top to bottom in Christmas lights, colorful ribbons and whatnot and cheerful music was playing throughout ... even in the public bathrooms.

We were lucky enough to stay in the Newport Bay Club hotel which oversees the lake, and were upgraded to the Admiral's Floor. This grant's quicker check-in and bigger rooms (although they're still quite small).

Overal the weather was pretty cold, being December and all. Luckily the rain was kept to a minimum and the final day was very sunny.


Newport Bay Club

I absolutely loved the staging in this hotel. Every detail was marine themed, no expenses spared. At the back of the hotel, the large lake with light tower is the perfect setting for a quick walk or jog. Disney is all about creating a certain atmosphere. Especially during the holidays they go all out. Seeing the fully decorated christmas trees made it ever so special.


Main Park


Disney Studios


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