In September 2015 my family traveled to Corfu, an island near the north wast of the Greek mainland.


We stayed at the Aeolos Beach Resort, a hotel located on the hillside of the island not that far from Corfu Airport. 

The hotel consists out of several buildings, spread across the hillside. Which gives you a great view of the sea. On very clear days we could see the main land from there.


Aeolos Beach Hotel


Snorkeling in the sea

The water near the beach was pretty clear, ideal for snorkeling. The calm sea helped a lot.


Paxos / Antipaxos

We traveled to the islands by boat. Unfortunately, it was overbooked, so there was no seating left. We spent the whole trip to the island standing. After visiting the Blue Caves, we got to swim in the very clear water in one of the bays before making a final stop at Antipaxos.


Corfu City, Benitses and Airport

We visited Benitses and Corfu City by bus. Corfu has lots of tiny shops and plenty of restaurants. A few minutes out of the city centre, you'll find the airport. The runway is located in the water, and can be viewed from a small road situated perpendicular to it.


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