It's that time of the year again where nature sheds it's skin. The trees slowly change colours, the air feels crisp. I love it.

These are some pictures and videos I shot in and around my hometown during my favourite season, Autumn.



These mushrooms appear all over the lawn near the large pine trees. You know fall is coming when they pop up, growing up to 30 cm in diameter. They're majestic to look at. Once in a while you'll encounter one that's been nibbled on by one of the hedgehogs.


Grass and Leaves

The trees lining the street turn a beautiful yellowish gold colour. Occasionally you can see the intermediate stage where they're red, but this fades pretty quickly. For a day or two the tree canopies look as if they're on fire.

Rustling in the wind, the tall grass with it's soft plumes move and make this typical calming sound.


Winter is next

With the weather gradually becoming colder, Batman and Panda will have to take their shenanigans back inside until Spring-time comes around.


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