Meerdaal, also known as Meerdaalwoud and Meerdaalbos, is a woodland lying east of Brussels and south of Leuven, on the loess plateau of Brabant in central Belgium.

The bigger part of it has most likely been continuously forested since the Middle Ages, but the archaeological record and geomorphology give evidence of a profound human influence, probably including agriculture, during the Roman era and the Iron Age.

Currently, the forest spans a surface of 1255 acres and is approximately twice the size of Heverleebos, located North, closer to Leuven. The domain is subdivided into different parts, each with it's own vegetation. Dozens of trails cut through the entire domain, making it very popular with runners, cyclists and horseback riders.

The forest is full of life, while some don't mind the attention (squirrels) others are more shy. If you're lucky, you may encounter some deer and their fawn.


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